Best Way to Clean an Area Rug

Most households capitalize on the comfort, utility, and beauty of an area rug in their homes. Perhaps you have found the perfect rug that really ties the room together! Well, your area rug needs regular, proper cleaning if you would like it to continue look new and to keep it free from becoming a soil and germ collector.

Area rugs collect dirt and allergens while they often discolor from regular foot traffic. Professionally cleaning your area rug or space rug is the way to ensure it remains a safe and healthy addition to your household. You should maintain your area rug by frequently vacuuming it, but having a trained and professional carpet cleaner clean your area rug at least once a year will help to preserve its condition.

Although many home remedies are available, if you want your area rug to be thoroughly clean, and free of the ground in grime which collects quickly, then contact your professional carpet cleaner. Not only is the task not as easy as it sounds, the chemicals you purchase at the store often cause more harm to your area rug than good, never mind the fact that you will be exposing your family and pets to potentially harmful chemicals.

A truck mounted carpet cleaning system provides the power needed to lift the soil, grime, and allergens while protecting the fibers. Brothers Carpet Cleaning are trained in inspecting and cleaning your area and space rugs. Call us today at (812) 798-1662 to see how affordable it is to protect your investment.