Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning Services

Best Results

No one knows carpets like Brothers

Our carpet cleaning system is meticulously engineered to deliver the best and most efficient service for your carpet. For best results, when scheduling a cleaning or asking for a quote, tell us about any stains and ask about any special services you may need. Our goal is to give the best experience possible and the best carpet cleaning in Ellettsville IN.

6-step process

Want to know what to expect from a carpet cleaning?

We have detailed our 6-step process so you know exactly what you’re getting from our excellent cleaning service.


We take a good look at all the carpet and identify any trouble spots. If you already know of any spots or stains, you’re welcome to point them out to us or give us additional information about their origin. We will also identify the fiber type of your carpet. That lets us know which products and equipment will be the best for the job.


Vacuuming is an often overlooked step we never ignore. Removing dirt and hair while a carpet is dry means the most thorough cleaning for your carpet. We pre-vacuum for you so you don’t have to.


We spray down a safe and powerful solution that loosens soil on all fibers to help us cut deep into dirt and grime. Any pre-spray residue is cleaned up by our steam cleaners.


To give your carpet a true deep cleaning you must work the pre-spray deep into the fiber. We use a machine made specifically for carpet that helps our pre-spray break up ground in dirt and hair. This will prevent returning spots and do a better job of reaching any pet odors.

Steam clean

We steam-clean with one of the most powerful systems money can buy. Our extraction system recovers 95% of water used, meaning your carpet will dry faster. The water we rinse with has a chemical neutralizer to erase any pre-spray residue.


Finally, we brush the carpet to make sure it dries in the proper direction. Your carpet will be clean and looking its absolute best. After we’ve finished the job, we’ll tell you when you should be able to walk on your carpet, usually in as little as one hour.