Carpet Cleaning Bedford, IN

Look No Further

Looking for a friendly and professional carpet cleaning service in Bedford?

Here at Brothers we have over a decade of experience in providing professional steam carpet cleaning services. As a family-run and professional business, we strive to deliver the best carpet cleaning experience to our Bedford, IN customers and leave their carpets immaculate every single time.

Our top of the range cleaning system is eco-friendly, and human and pet safe, all whilst giving the deepest carpet clean. This means that you can rest easy knowing that your carpet clean is environmentally friendly, and you get the fresh carpet experience without a risk to anyone in the household.

We are experts in what we offer, so you are guaranteed a friendly, professional and thorough service on your carpets each and every time.

We’re Here to Help

Please let us know about any stains that may be on your carpets prior to us cleaning them, or if you think you may require any special services. This will allow us to use our knowledge and expertise to ensure we clean your carpets in the most efficient and best way.

How Much Do Our Carpet Cleaning Services Cost?

We know how important it is to know how much things are going to cost, which is why we have put together this handy online quote estimator that you can use to get an idea of how much your carpet clean will cost, before you commit to it.

6-step process

Want to know what to expect from a carpet cleaning?

We offer an easy and reliable service every time, so you don’t have to stress. Our easy six stage process is meticulously followed, leaving your carpets immaculate and smelling great:


The first stage in our carpet cleaning process is to assess the carpet you require cleaning. We will take into account any spots or stains that may be on the carpets, and may ask you what they were caused by, if you know. This gives us a bit more background information so we know the best way to tackle them when it comes to the clean. We will also look at the carpet type, and use our knowledge and expertise to determine which of our products will be the best fit for the job.


Once we have all the information that we need about your carpet, and have completed our initial assessment, we will get to work on vacuuming the carpet. A vital step, this ensures that the carpet is fully prepped for an optimal clean, and because we do it, it means you don’t have to.


We will then use our safe pre-spray solution on your carpets to loosen any soil, dirt or grime that might be in them ready for further cleaning. Our solution is powerful but will cause no harm to the carpet, and any and all residue remaining from it is cleaned up when we use our steam cleaners.


With all the prep work done, we will then use our special machines to work the pre-spray deep into your carpet fibers. This breaks up any dirt that is still lingering in the fibers of the carpet, eliminates odors and prevents any spots and stains from returning.

Steam clean

Our top quality steam clean system is then used on your carpets. Complete with a chemical neutralizer, this steam clean system rinses out any of the pre-spray residue, as well as recovering 95% of the water used, leaving your carpets not only smelling fresh, but also drying faster.


The final step- we will brush over the carpet, ensuring that it dries in the correct direction. You will be advised as to how long it will be before you are able to walk on the carpet by your carpet cleaning professional, and then all that is left is for you to enjoy your lovely clean carpets!