Commercial carpet cleaning tips

Professional Carpet Cleaning is essential if you are a business owner of manager! Maintaining your flooring is only a small part of the reasoning . . . appearances mean everything to most customers. Soiled carpets or filthy entrance mats are an easy way to turn people off, and I know of very few business owners looking to drive customers away.

Carpet Cleaning Hints

1 – Hire a professional.

While many things are okay to do yourself, protection and maintenance of your carpets is not something that I recommend as a DIY project.

2 – Use entrance mats.

Keep soil and debris from entering the building to begin with, and also place them in high traffic areas so you will have less soil to deal with inside the building.

3 – Vacuum EVERY night.

Whether you see visible dirt or not, vacuuming daily is a necessary task if you wish to properly maintain your carpets.

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