Holiday Carpet Cleaning

The lights have been hung, the music cannot be avoided, and the traffic is backed up for what seems to be miles.

Yes, it is the Holiday Season! The time of the year when we start out by giving thanks, and a month later begin declaring resolution for the year to come. In between, we shop, participate in office parties, go caroling, and have friends and family over for celebrations.

Wait, have you finished your cleaning? What about your carpets?

You will quickly need to determine whether or not to professional carpet cleaner or take care of them yourself. Should you save the money while your budget is tight? Let’s look at the real math before you make your up your mind! We have put together a quick comparison for you to consider.


  • You will need to properly vacuum all of your carpet ensuring you collect all of the debris.
  • You will need to run out to the store and rent on of those machines (and transport it to your home). They typically run between $45-60.
  • You will need to purchase the cleaning chemicals which are typically $12-$20 depending on brand and strength
  • Homeowners normally finish a 12×20’ room in about an hour, but it takes several hours to dry the carpet. Running fans may help to speed up this process a bit.
  • Transport the machine back to the store when done


You could possible save $40-$75 by attempting your own carpet cleaning; however, in addition to the chore become a day-long event, the quality of work is not possible to compare to a profession, truck-mounted steam cleaning system. That’s right, the clean you MIGHT see after spending the day cleaning is not much better than surface level. Professional carpet cleaning will go deep into the carpet, and into the padding, providing the depth of clean you and your family deserve.

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