How to clean carpet stains

It will happen – you will spill that one thing on your carpet that seems nearly impossible to get out. Whether it be mustard from a runaway hotdog, a glass of wine from a crowded cocktail party, that first cup of morning coffee that finds the floor, your child’s cup of juice, or a pet that doesn’t quite make it outside, Carpet Stains will happen. So, the million dollar question is, “how does one clean a carpet stain?”

Carpet stains happen quickly and unexpectedly, and once the spill occurs, your natural instinct will be to grab the closest cloth and rub at it. Do Not Do This! Before you begin to treat the carpet stain, arm yourself with the knowledge before you amplify the situation and make the carpet stain worse.

Here are some initial steps to remove many deep colored liquid stains:

  • Gently blot your carpet stain with a dry towel.
  • A combination of vinegar, dish soap, and water in a spray bottle, misted over the carpet stain and soaked for 10 minutes before blotting clean, should be repeated until the stain disappears.

For pet stains, you will want to eliminate both the carpet stain as well as the odor. To accomplish this, first remove any solid or semi-solid waste in a sanitary manner. Next, blot the carpet’s surface with a dry towel, and then repeat with a clean towel, soaked with a mixture vinegar and liquid laundry soap. Allow to soak for several minutes before blotting clean with a new damp towel.

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