Steam Cleaning Carpets

The most effective way to maintain carpet and to extend its life is to have your carpet professionally cleaned each year. The industry gold standard is steam cleaning, also known as hot water cleaning.

Many homeowners or business owners are unaware of the difference between carpet cleaning companies, and the methods used by each. While there have been many gimmicks through the years, and companies attempting to reduce the amount of work or effort they put in in order to increase profits, there is only one process which provides you with the absolute best result . . . .

Steam Cleaning (hot water cleaning)

Cleaning solution is sprayed into the fibers of your carpet, adhering to soil. A technician then specifically treats any visible soiling or stains, ensuring the best chance for your carpeting to return to the best possible condition. Steam Cleaning should be accomplished with a powerful, truck-mounted system to guarantee that deep rooted soil is removed, and that as much water as possible is extracted, reducing drying time.

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