Cleaning Hardwood Floors

//Cleaning Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors can be a challenging to clean and maintain, extending further than sweeping and mopping! Homeowners are often successful in removing the surface level dirt and keeping hardwood flooring free of surface level debris, but if you want to truly clean and protect your flooring investment, you should call in the professionals once a year.

Cleaning hardwood floors begins with regular sweeping and vacuuming, but it continues with having your local carpet cleaner professionally clean your hardwood. The commercial, truck-mounted equipment used to extract the dirt from your hardwood floors works to clean deep within the cracks, and removes the unseen, ground-in soil.

Some Benefits of Professionally Cleaning Hardwood Floors:

  • Cracks, crevices and groves get deeply cleaned
  • Light scratches are often removed
  • Hardwood flooring becomes sanitized
  • Light satin finish can be applied

Get your Hardwood Floors truly cleaned, and protect your home investment . . . contact Brother’s Carpet Cleaning in Bloomington, Indiana, TODAY to schedule a free estimate. Call (812) 798-1662.

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