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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial buildings are challenged by lots of daily foot traffic, and hand in hand with foot traffic, comes dirt, moisture, and plenty of additional debris! While entry mats can assist your efforts in minimizing damage to your carpets, and vacuuming will help to protect soil from penetrating deep into your carpet fibers, the best solution is to have your commercial carpets professionally cleaned at least twice a year through a hot water extraction method facilitated by a truck mounted carpet cleaning system.

The first step in maintaining a commercial building’s carpet is to limit the amount of dirt those carpets are exposed to in the first place. Mats placed at all entrances of the building are your first defense to keeping your commercial carpets clean.

What is it your business is looking for in a Professional Carpet Cleaner?

Brothers Carpet Cleaners in Bloomington, Indiana has asked that question to several business owners and managers in order to perfect the quality of service we provide to our commercial clients. We have concluded the following characteristics are the ones which are most important to local businesses.

  • Courteous and attentive staff, willing and able to answer all of the questions which are asked relating to service and beyond.
  • Assurance of Professional Training, Certification, and Experience
  • Professional Truck-Mounted Carpet Cleaning Equipment
  • Convenient Scheduling – we work every day, and in the evenings too
  • Same day service can often be arranged
  • State of the art water extraction, leaving your carpets dryer, quicker

Brothers Carpet Cleaners provides premier commercial carpet cleaning.

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