Extend the life of your carpet

//Extend the life of your carpet

Brothers Carpet Cleaning in Bloomington, Indiana gets asked regularly, “What can I do to extend the life of my carpet?” There is no one single answer, instead, a combination of actions you can take regularly in order to preserve the life of your carpet for years.

Of course, the first step in maintaining your carpets’ cleanliness is to eliminate your carpets from being exposed to as much dirt and soil as possible. This can be achieved by utilizing entrance mats, area rugs, and removing footwear when walking on your carpets. The next step is to regularly vacuum your carpets (remember that vacuuming is not just to remove the dirt you can see). You should also, always address spills and stains as quickly as possible!

Now that you’ve worked to reduce the amount of dirt exposure, regularly vacuumed your carpet, and cleaned all spills in real time, the next stage in maintaining the cleanliness of your carpet and extending its life, is to have an annual professional carpet cleaning! Make sure the company you chose has a great reputation, and uses a truck-mounted, high-powered steam cleaning unit.

Steam cleaning, also known as hot water carpet cleaning, uses different combinations of water and agents to obtain the highest standard of cleanliness. Carpets are preconditioned, and then cleaned using high pressure to remove hard to reach dirt. The truck-mounted carpet cleaning equipment removes the water, solution mixture and the dirt.

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