Hire the right Carpet Cleaner!

//Hire the right Carpet Cleaner!

Carpet Cleaners are not made equally

Yes it is true that there are dozens people offering carpet cleaning services these days. Even here in Bloomington, Indiana one can find at least 15 different options. So you need to determine whether or not all of these ‘options’ are equal! Some of the questions you should be asking yourself include:

  • What about their training?
  • What equipment is being used?
  • Can I trust the employees?
  • Have any of my friends had good experiences with them?
  • Is there any guarantee to the work?
  • Is the business insured in case a problem arises?
  • What about the cost?

Ok, so now you are thinking in the correct frame of mind! Let’s describe a few of these topics in greater depth.

Is your Professional Carpet Cleaning Company professionally trained?

Is training REALLY that important? Come on, now . . . we are talking about cleaning a carpet, right?!?!

Actually, you definitely want your carpet cleaning company to be trained and current with the latest best practices and techniques the leading industry professionals use. There is a significant difference between having the equipment and knowing how to do the job. Your carpet is a major financial investment, and carries many health consequences, so having trained professionals is very important. The IICRC is the nation’s leading carpet cleaning training organization.

Is your carpet cleaner using the most effective and efficient equipment?

Many companies will say that their carpet cleaning system is the best, so how can one truly judge? Well, to begin with, the carpet cleaning system should be a truck mounted system which generates much more suction, pressure, and heat than any machine which plugs into an electrical socket. Other than that, you can typically make common sense determinations on how the equipment looks and how it appears to be maintained, as this says a lot for the people you invite into your home to do cleaning work!

Is your carpet cleaner insured and do you guarantee your work?

The answers to this need to be YES, and YES!

What else?

You should be aware of a company’s reputation! Ask your friends if they have had positive experiences or check out online reviews to see the feedback of others. Not that every single opinion will be applicable to your situation; and it is certainly possible for someone to get upset over something which might seemingly be considered quite minor to someone else, but you can at least see a general overview of a business by checking out their reviews.

Check out the online reviews for Brothers Carpet Cleaning in Bloomington, Indiana

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