Keeping your carpets clean and your home safe

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Your house is most likely your biggest investment; both in terms of pure cost, as well as for the security of your family. We often think of safety in relationship to the elimination of threats such as burglars or disaster; however, hidden dirt can become a serious concern to the health of you and your family.

An essential part of keeping hidden dirt and contaminants out of your home is keeping the floors clean . . . deep, professionally clean. Although a popular flooring choice, carpet can also be challenging to maintain. And nothing attracts dirt and debris like existing soil hidden deep in your carpets, so staying on top of your carpet cleaning is very important.

In addition to adhering to the warranty standards of your carpet manufacturer, the standard in the carpet cleaning industry is to have your carpets professionally cleaned once every 12 months. Doing so will provide you with a longer carpet life, and a healthier home environment.

A professional carpet cleaning company will get rid of stains that have been accumulating on your carpets throughout the year. Using a high-powered, truck-mounted carpet cleaning system ensures that your cleaning technician has the ability to remove the deepest stains and the most ground in soil and contaminants.

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