Maintaining your Carpets

//Maintaining your Carpets

Chances are you have carpet in your house! Did you know that carpets can hold up to 4 times their weight in dirt, soil, and other contaminants? While most of us get around to vacuuming as often as possible, this is not enough to ensure that your home is free of ground in dirt, pet dander, mites, allergens, and other health compromising compounds.

What can I do to maintain clean carpets?

Keeping soil out is a great start to maintaining clean carpets. Consider removing shoes when entering the house; using entrance mats and area rugs; and properly vacuuming at least twice each week in order to limit the grime your carpet. But regardless of how hard you work to keep those carpets clean, you will need to bring in the professionals at least once a year if you no longer wish for your carpets to act as a safe haven for bacteria!

Professional carpet cleaning will make a significant difference in your home’s appearance, family’s health, and the value of your hefty carpet investment. A professional carpet cleaner with the right training and work ethic can remove the deepest soil, leaving your home as clean as you expect and deserve.

Choosing the right Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

  • View their website
  • Read online reviews
  • Notice their appearance
  • Call and ask them about their practices
  • Make sure they use a truck-mounted cleaning system with enough steam and extraction power to provide the deepest clean possible

Brothers Carpet Cleaning is Bloomington’s Premier Carpet Cleaning Company trained and Certified through IICRC (industry’s leading provider of professional development). Additionally, Brothers Carpet Cleaning offers the type of customer service you expect. Call us today at 812-798-1662 to schedule your free carpet consultation.

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