Preventing mold growth in your carpet

//Preventing mold growth in your carpet

Mold is very dangerous, and exposure to mold opens up a world of health complications, such as allergic reactions and respiratory problems, due to mycotoxins. While no matter where mold finds itself ,it can be a complete nuisance, but it is extremely difficult to mitigate should mold find itself either in your carpet or on your carpet’s backing.

Mold is found practically everywhere, and reproduces through spores which are carried by air currents, searching for moisture and humidity. For common indoor mold growth, it needs to be organic, wet, and be contained within a stagnant environment for several days.

The good news about mold (is there really good news about mold?) is that you can prevent it from growing on your carpet. Because most carpet is made of plastic and other synthetic materials, there is nothing organic to support the growth of mold in your carpet. However, mold can grow on the soil left in your carpets!

If your carpets are professionally cleaned at least once every year by a carpet cleaning company that is well trained and used a truck mounted carpet cleaning system, then you minimize your chnces of ever having to deal with mold growth.

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